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Sosaku Kokeshi Book

Sosaku Kokeshi: A New Look At An Old Tradition is a modern exploration of a folk craft more than two centuries old. This timely publication reflects both the growing interest in Japan and Japanese culture in the West, and the rediscovery of folk art, traditional crafts and culturally unique handmade objects.

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In these archives, you will find a collection of Japanese Folk Art that we have sold over the past years. The information associated with each piece has been preserved for reference, and is available to expand through your comments

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Kokeshi Book

“A nation without toys is a nation doomed to ruin” says an old adage. The Japanese are well known for doll and toy making, of which the most popular is the amazing doll known as Kokeshi. Our book is entitled, Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan and our focus is Creative (sosaku) Kokeshi.

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