18 Inch High Traditional Japanese Narugo Kokeshi | Matsuda Hatsumi, Sendai

This exceptionally LARGE Kokeshi is in beautiful original condition. This type of doll is called “squeaking child”, and was made of two pieces, with the head being attached to the body via a snap-in projection, allowing it to be turned, thus making a ‘squeak’. They originally came from Narugo Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture. Matsuda-san was born in 1901, and studied under Takano Kohachi.

Narugo dolls are one of the most well-known families of Kokeshi, and are defined by their straight-shaped body, narrowing slightly at the waist. They also are very balanced, and typically have paintings of stylized Chrysanthemum (Kiku), Iris (Ayame), or Peony (Botan). The bangs are set wide apart which is a distinctive feature of the head. Condition is consistent with age. The piece is signed by the artist, Matsuda Hatsumi on the bottom. Dimensions: 18” tall (Weight: 5-3/8 lbs.)

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