1920’s Japanese Incense Container (Kogo) in Mulberry Wood & Mother of Pearl

A 1920s-30s Incense container in Mulberry wood for the tea ceremony. Simply beautiful, and beautifully simple in its execution. While this type of container will often be plain, as it is used during the warmer months in Japan, this special Kogo is inlaid with a 16-petal Chrysanthemum, (Kiku), which is the crest of Japan’s Imperial household, and its branches of the extended family. The Kiku is a symbol of exceptional character, and harkens to the sun’s light, long life, and virtue, and has been respected throughout the ages. This piece, along with its mother-of-pearl (Raden) inlay, is in excellent condition. Dimensions: 2-3/4”dia. x ¾”d

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