1930’s Hand Painted Japanese Kimono

This is a unique and lovely resist-dyed, and hand printed Japanese kimono from the 1930’s. Colors are an intense jade green, deep blue, and silver, with red printed design. Lining is a vermillion cotton with a textured light khaki silk bottom border. The piece is in excellent condition with no spots, stains, or tears, and no pulls or fading of the silk. Dimensions:49 ½”w x 57”L (125.7cm x 144.8cm)

The word kimono simply means “clothes to wear” and has a long history in Japan, changing over time to reflect the society and the culture of the period. Kimono are made with exceptional skill from fine materials, particularly silk, and have been regarded as great works of art. Westerners use vintage and antique kimono as wall-and wearable art since they are handcrafted using a diverse methods of construction.

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