Antique Japanese Satsuma Brooch Representing 1000 Cranes

Pictured is an antique Satsuma brooch in a five-lobed ‘cinquefoil’ design on a gilded brass back. This is rendered in the Moriage style (raised enamel) of butterflies, flowers, and buddha motifs seen on Satsuma wares. The pattern on the piece is a reference to the Japanese legend of 1000 Cranes, with one large crane in the center, six small cranes in red, black and gold and the remaining cranes are in black and white. A rich black border embellished with gold surrounds the five-lobed design. As with this piece, finer Satsuma buttons are usually signed. The piece has an impressed seal signature on a gilded brass back and is translated as Koshida, a well-known Satsuma maker. Affixed to the back is the original “C” clasp and hinge, which dates between 1880-1900. The piece is in extremely fine condition and executed in a very unusual shape. The detailing of the Moriage enameling is exceptional. Dimension: 2.25” dia.

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