Antique Japanese Tokkuri | Seto Earthenware Sake Serving Bottle with Sculptural Relief Crab Motif | Housen-gama | Early 1900s

This is a wonderful and most unusual Seto earthenware sake bottle, (Tokkuri), with a red crab in sculptural relief, (taka-ukibori) on the side. The lip is quite unusual in that it is free form with a cream drip glazing which partially covers the exterior form. This piece is most identifiable for thick glazes and textured surfaces. Carved and glazed as if the realistic crab was crawling out of a crack in the stone. The piece has an impressed potter seal, (Kamajirushi), of Housen-gama. Condition: Excellent, no chips, cracks with fine detail and very realistic in the detailing of the crab. We have not seen one of these for many years for it is quite unique. Dimensions: 5-0”h x 2-1/2” dia.


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