Boxwood Netsuke of Usofuki (Hyottoko) | Showa Period

Usofuki is a legendary character in Japan. Usofuki, also known as Hyottoko, was a boy named Hyoutokusu from which the character’s name originated. Hyottoko made strange clown faces and was said to create gold out of his belly button.

Some Usofuki have different sized eyes, but most have one eye closed and one open. A scarf is typically pulled over his head. Usofuki appeared in traditional dance during multiple eras, and today where festival participants dress up in the role of a clown. This piece is simply detailed, natural patina with two size Himotoshi on the back. This piece is in excellent condition, with natural patina of boxwood. Dimensions: 1-1/4”w x 1 ½”h x 1-1/8”d

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