Chinese Black Lacquer Box

A skillfully carved box that has a lid illustrating a garden setting with two figures in period robes. The round box has an interesting Greek Key motif on all sides, creating a wonderful textural pattern to the body of the piece. After the box was formed it was painted with black lacquer up to 100 times to form a color layer. This process was repeated over and over again until the lacquer layers attained the necessary thickness for surface carving. The work is of primitive simplicity and full of elegance, demonstrating a very high artistic value and representing the highest level of China’s lacquer carving technique. To support its continued use, a silver rim (not common for pieces made for the general public) was applied to the interior edge to protect from wear. Condition is excellent with slight ware of the lacquer on the side of one portion of the interior. This is typical of such pieces and does not detract from use or enjoyment. Dimensions: 5-0” dia. x 2-1/2”h

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