Creative Kokeshi Entitled: The Bride | Miyashita Hajime | 1960

Bridal kimono motifs symbolize all the elements that a bride would desire to be fulfilled during their marriage. This doll is from the 1960s and depicts a bride n traditional wedding attire. She is wearing a beautifully detailed Uchikake, (Brocade), Kimono with traditional motifs, (chrysanthemums and cranes). Her head is adorned with a traditional cover called a Tsuno-kakushi, which refers to the “hiding the horns of jealousy”, and symbolizes a prayer for marital accord. Artists seal on the bottom. Dimensions: 8-0”h x 3-0”w

Additional Information—

Miyashita, Hajime | 1940-Rtrd

Born in Yonezawa City, Iwate, Miyashita-san studied traditional kokeshi making under Yamagata-Sakunami, Master artist Kobayashi Kichitaro. He began his Sosaku career in 1959, winning many awards, including the Prime Minister’s Award in 1977. His works were purchased by the Crown Prince Naruhito, and Princess Masako in 1969. His studio was located in Maebashi City of Gunma Prefecture, but after it burned down in 2006, Miyashita-san retired.

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