Gentleman’s Antique Michiyuki Traveling Coat | Edo Period

According to the shape, ornamentation, and function of this travel coat, it was most likely worn by a samurai, or a nobleman during the Edo period (1613-1868). Pictured is a three-quarter length outer coat made of dyed raw Silk in a matte bronze color with black accents. The Michiyuki was normally worn by both men and women outside of the house, or when expecting visitors.

This Traveling Coat reflects the status of its wearer. The Edo Period was an extremely status-conscious time in Japanese history, and this was nowhere more evident than in the case of the samurai, businessmen and their family members. Style was, as always, important, and subject to much greater regulation. The Michiyuki has a standing collar in which the coat fastens closed at the right outer and left inner side of the neck with decorative frogs. The right side of the coat has black cording to close and embellish the piece. There is a tiny hole in the right shoulder of the textile that does not distract from its use or enjoyment.

The outstanding quality of sewing and fabric has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The piece has been professionally cleaned (slightly wrinkled from storage). Age: Early 1800s. Approximate Dimensions: 51” x 33-1/2”L

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