Iga-yaki | Ceramic Oval Moon Serving Plate | Taisho Period

Shown is one of five, (5) serving plates beautifully thrown with an irregular formed rim and natural two-tone glaze from the Japanese Mie Prefecture. The brown glaze is complimented with a lighter snow-white glaze to form the natural random design. On the bottom of each piece one can feel the natural ribbing of being hand formed. No signatures. All are in excellent condition. Sold only as a set. Dimensions: 6- ¾” l x 6-0”w x 1-1/2”h.        

Additional Information —

Although Iga-yaki, (Iga ware), was produced in the Nara period, (710-794), it was not popular until Chanoyu, (tea ceremony), gained acceptance during the Muromachi period (1338-1573). As demand for tea bowls and accessories grew, Iga area potters responded with wares imbuing a philosophy of understated, rustic elegance. Irregular surfaces and natural colors mixed with classic earthenware textures embody the spirit of Iga-yaki.

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