Ink stone with Hand-fitted Lid and Base

Zen calligraphers needed a smooth flat surface to grind the ink stick into liquid ink, and so designed an artistic surface supportive of their work. The important part of an ink stone is the flat, smooth porous surface on which to grind the ink stick with small amounts of water thus gaining the correct consistency. The most common shapes for ink stones are rectangular, square, round, oval, and free-form and these may be either natural or manmade and range from small for traveling, to larger stones, sometimes in decorative boxes for studio use. Lids and boxes are very useful to prevent the ink from drying.

Renowned Japanese ink stones were left in its natural state to enhance the beauty of the composite rock from which it was made. Carved out of the center is an oval mixing platform with an ink well at one end. The hand carved wood lid finishes the piece. This old calligraphy stone has seen previous service (there is a small amount of dried ink around the sides of the basin and lid), and does have marks and scratches from handling. Dimensions: 7-0”l x 4-1/4” w x 1-0”d

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