Japanese Antique Kamakura-bori Black Lacquer Tray with three-dimensional Red Gold Fish Relief | 1920-1940

One of the finest examples of Kamakura-bori carving techniques we have seen. Simple in form with a black lacquered finish, heavy relief of beautiful, highly detailed gold fish carvings, (representing wealth and success), at the edge, as if swimming in a natural pond. The flora is accented in a mustard-colored lacquer. Stamped ‘Made in Japan’ which tells us the approximate time period when this piece/style was created. Great care, detailing and excellent condition consistent with minimal aging. Dimension: 19-0”L x 7-1/2”w

Additional Information —

The Kamakura area has always been known for intricate wood-carving techniques. In their broad category of fine and decorative arts, lacquer has been used in paintings, prints, and on a wide variety of utilitarian/tea ceremony objects includidng hair combs, food containers, to religious objects. Japanese lacquerware is referred to as Shikki, which is lacquerware in the most literal sense, while Nurimono means “coated things”, and Urushi-nuri means “lacquer coating.” In 1979, the Japanese government has identified fourteen, (14), major lacquer centers, each with their own unique style and application of the lacquering process, (to read more about the various types and centers go to our discover section under the subject heading Lacquerware | Shikki).

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