Japanese Antique Round Kamakura-bori Lacquered Tray | Hybiscus Motif | 1960s

This Kamakura-bori tray features a mixture of Japanese botanical patterns and powerful, bold engravings. The dark red color with overlaid lacquer is outstanding. It sometimes takes more than a month for even a skilled craftsman to achieve such fine results. Local craftsmen with the finest craftsmanship have pursued this arduous process for 800 years.

After the drying process, they use dozens of chisels and engraving knives to carve patterns, and it then takes more than 10 steps to lacquer with natural resins. The designs and styles of the Kamakura-bori have changed over the years but old traditions are still kept alive and practiced. Condition: Excellent with no chips, dings or fading. Dimensions: 13-0”dia.

Additional Information —

From the Showa Period (1926-1989) and until now, people have shown appreciation for things traditional, practical and beautiful, and in an era of mass- produced items. Kamakura-bori ware stands out as a functional and esthetically pleasing alternative to the generic products of today.

In 1961, the Kamakura Masters Committee was established and at present consists of twenty-one groups and some 6000 members. In 1979, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry designated the City of Kamakura as a traditional Handicraft.

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