Japanese Art Signatures: A Handbook and Practical Guide | James Self | Paperback | 2006

This publication is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and easy-to-use tool, for reading Japanese art signature, in a limited-edition reprint. Designed for both layman and scholar, its simplified approach allows users to find and identify over 11,000 names of Japanese artists and craftspeople, from all periods and in all media. Includes a sections on reading dates, a list of 300 modified and debased characters, and an index of provinces and place names, plus reproductions of date and censor seals on woodblock prints, publishers’ trademarks and seals, and actors’ and ‘Genji mon’. Indispensable for the scholar or collector of Japanese art. Condition: New and in original with no imprefections. Dimensions: 7-0”w x 10-0”h x 1-0”w.

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