Japanese Bamboo Arts | Collectible Masawari Ikebana Basket

Japanese woven bamboo Ikebana baskets were commonly used to enrich the traditional tea ceremony experience. This outstanding basket has a rich patina, and is made of thin strips (masawari) of Madake Bamboo and Rattan in a beautifully crafted globular style. The integrated handle is decoratively tied off at the top. As seen, thin unspliced strips overlap to create a delicate weaving making the basket a fine example of this type of weave. The craftsman created a feeling of lightness allowing natural light to compliment the openwork design. This basket was originally finished using a mixture of lemon juice and beeswax.

Japanese baskets, in particular, have evolved into art pieces and smaller, delicate forms of baskets were used in small spaces in contemporary homes yet still retain the fundamentals principles supporting Japanese flower arranging. This attitude has both historical precedent and aesthetic choice. For further reading on the subject see Japanese Bamboo Baskets —Meiji, Modern, Contemporary— by Masanori Moroyama. ISBN: 978-4-7700-3062-7.

This basket is in excellent condition. Unsigned. Mid 20th century. Dimensions: 15-0”h x 5-1/8”dia.

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