Japanese Ebisu Metal Figure

The God of fishermen and good fortune, the smiling and bearded Ebisu is sitting on a rock at the sea shore, dressed as a Japanese peasant with a rowing paddle in his left hand and right hand raised and looking for his sea bream. In Japan, this fish (sea bream) is a symbol of good fortune. Ebisu is shown wearing a tall pointed hat. It is thought that these motifs might therefore represent the granting of wishes. The pointed hat is known as the Kazaori EboshiEbisu is also the only deity among the seven to originate in Japan. Today he symbolizes not only safe sailing and plentiful fishing, including business prosperity for merchants in all trades. The back of the piece is engraved and difficult to interpret the artist kanji. Artist and Craftsman:  Ganlo. The interpretation of the writing says: Yebisu sitting on the cliff gazing out to the ocean at a place called Otaru in Hakkaido. Ebisu is looking for his sea bream to bringing good fortune and power.  Dated: July 7, 1919 (Showa period). Material: Cold cast Iron. Excellent condition and beautiful patina.

Dimensions: 9” w x 6”d x 9 ¼”h (22.9cm x 1.52cm x 23.5cm)

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