Japanese Elm & Silver Libation Cup in the Shape of a Lotus Leaf

This wood and silver Libation cup is from 1900-1930s and is carved Elm wood, with a realistic representation of the lotus. The sides of the cup are shaped as a large lotus leaf with stems and a bud carved in relief, which expands into openwork to form an attached stand for the cup.

The upper part of the ceremonial cup has a fluted surface carved in wood with a matching fluted sterling silver cup in which its’ top outlines the opening. An open lotus pod, small stem and bud foot composes the piece. This silver-lined ceremonial cup was an important ritual object and is a symbol of social status, and undoubtedly used by high ranking officials and the shogun for special occasions. The piece is signed in old Kanji on the interior but not translated because of the age of the inscription. Excellent condition. Dimensions: 2-0”w x 3-0”h

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