Japanese Furniture Hardware | Sliding-panel “Shoji” Finger Hold with Ginkgo Leaf Motif

Metal fittings on traditional Japanese furnishings may be generally broken down into the categories of locks (jomai), hingers (chotsugai), various pulls, pole-carrying handles (sao-toshi), latches (tone-kanagu), decorative hardware (kaziri-kanagu), and sash hardware (obi-kanagu).

The piece shown is a sliding-panel finger-hold (tekake). Through all historical periods flower-shaped escutcheons were used with both furniture (tansu) as well as shoji panel sliders. Metals for fittings include iron, copper, brass, nickel silver, silver, and certain other alloys. Of these, iron, brass, silver and copper (most expensive) were the most widely used. This finger hold has a Ginkgo leaf motif on the outer rim of the escutcheon and is made of brass. Age: Late 1800’s. Dimensions: 4-0” x 3-3/8

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