Japanese Kiseru Zutsu | Meiji Period

An exceptional en-suite Japanese carved wooden pipe case and pipe (kiseru zutsu), with carved and lacquered wooden horse netsuke and lacquer/brass lined bead, (Ojime). The reticulated case is beautifully and deeply carved, and depicts the God of Wind (Fojin), and the God of Thunder (Kaminari), with their eyes inlaid with mother of pearl and horn; their wild hair flowing behind them and surrounded by stylized cloud forms. The mouth of the case is set with an ivory lip, and on the lower end, a cartouche in green hard-stone containing the artist’s signature (unidentified). The pipe is lacquered wood, (showing age/use wear), and is capped at both ends by slightly faceted brass fittings.

In Japanese mythology, the horse is highly favoured by the Gods, and this netsuke of a horse is nicely rendered, with a black lacquered saddle and blanket. While it shows it’s age, it has a wonderful patina, matching the case’s polished finish. The Ojime appears to be a lacquered bead inlaid with a mother of pearl chip on one side. This rare, complete set dates from 1875-1900. Dimensions: 8 1/8” L x 1 ½” w

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