Japanese Mino-Oribe Ware Tea Bowl – Edo Period

A fine, thin, wheel-thrown bowl thought to be from the early Edo period (1st half of 17th/c), and originating at the Yashichida kiln in Ogaya District. This footed bowl, probably used for tea, is made of warm, mottled gray clay, with a splash of copper-tinted aqua green ash glaze, characteristic of this period, as are the two gold lacquer repairs on the rim. The interior has a fine smooth crackle glaze, and is decorated with an incised sgraffito-like drawing in an iron pigment on the side of the interior and exterior of the rim. Note: the two repairs do not distract from the appreciation or use of the piece and are typically done when a piece has historic significance and value. Dimensions: 5-3/4” dia. x2-1/2”h.

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