Japanese Money Paper Weight – Takaoka Bronze Casting | Bunchin

There are thirteen different methods that are utilized in metal casting, depending on the type of product to be made, and the intended form of expression required. Cast in one of these ways, the range of manufactured goods extends from table ornaments, flower vases, censers, panels, and bronze sculptures to large statues of Buddha. Some light fittings are also being made along with table clocks, paper weights, and bookends, which all make use of the qualities of the material.

This is a Japanese cast iron bunchin – (pronounced “boon-chin”). Japanese decorative paper weights or bunchin are made of solid iron and beautifully crafted, and often whimsical decorations which are employed to give character and individuality to each piece while complimenting the user’s personality or profession.

Paper weights were primarily used in banking, calligraphy and art. This bunchin is decorated with images of old-style Japanese Coins in raised relief. The paperweight dates from the early to mid-Showa period (1926-1960). Dimensions: 8-1/8” x3/4”.

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