Japanese Oribe Ware Bowl

Oribe ware is a pottery that originated in early 1700’s in the Mino area of Gifu Prefecture. Oribe ware was stylized by a famous tea master Furuta Oribe, a pupil of Sen Rikyu, under whose guidance it was first produced. The characteristics of Oribe ware are the deliberately free-formed distortion of imbalance, a line drawing motif/decoration combined with a textile-like motif to create a new aesthetic. The iron glaze color on this piece is a deep copper-green with earth-tone patterns. It’s simple has freedoms that are seen in contemporary arts. Oribe ware is in high favor among antique collectors.

These bowls illustrate a typical motif used in this ware, illustrating cherry blossoms and an Ikat pattern (usually seen on Japanese textiles) on a cream and deep green glaze background. Ears (handles) intact on this Five bowl set. Authentication Seal on back.

Dimensions: 6 ¾”w Dia. x 1 ½”h(17.1cm x 3.8cm)

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