Japanese Signed Woodblock Triptych | The Battle of Okehazama | Yosai Nobukazu | 1800’s

Pictured, and for sale, is an excellent triptych in full color. It represents the Battle of Okehazama, (Okehazama-no-tatakai), which took place in June, 1560. In this battle, Oda Nobunaga defeated Imagawa Yoshimoto, and established himself as one of the front-running warlords in the Sengoku period. The Battle of Okehazama forever changed Japanese history, and the Ministry of Education designated the battlefield, Okehazama Kosenjo, a national historical site and park.

The three prints that make up the triptych are in excellent condition, uncut and untrimmed, not laid down, with an excellent impression and no fading of color, (good bleed through on the back). Slight toning on the borders. The piece is signed with all the appropriate signatures/seals.

Image Dimension: 9-1/4” w x 14-0”h. (oban tate-e).

Additional Information —

Additionally, a triptych is a work of art, that are divided into three sections, or three painted or carved panels, which are meant to be framed as one, affording a panoramic view of the subject. We see numerous Japanese woodblock prints executed in this manner.

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