Kokeshi | Chigo Zakura (Cherry Blossom Child) | Masao Watanabe

One of Japan’s most popular and internationally known artists, Masao Watanabe, created this beautiful doll: “Chigo Sakura”: Cherry Blossom Girl. Watanabe-san was born in 1917, and he made award-winning kokeshi up until a few years before his death in 2007. Watanabe has a impressive collection in the Nuremberg Toy Museum, Germany. This doll is made of Mizuki wood, dated: 1960 and won the10th Annual All Japan Kokeshi Competition, receiving the Prime Minister’s Award.The piece is hand signed and stamped. Condition: Very slight wear only on the top of head which does not detract from its value. Spots and light blemishes are typical with age and this wax finish.
Dimensions: 14 ½”h (36.8cm h)

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