Nothingness: Talk to a Stone by Tetsuzan Shinagawa

An excellent collection of skillfully executed script and verse, Nothingness: Talk to a Stone is a work of art in its own right. This beautifully crafted book celebrates the masterful calligraphy and writings of Tetsuzan Shinagawa, complemented by the poetry of many other Eastern scholars and calligraphy masters. The book seamlessly integrates these timeless poems with the equally ageless artistry of calligraphy and in doing so presents readers with an aesthetic and spiritual experience like no other. Hardcover, Illustrated and hand-bound in a traditional Japanese style Clamshell cover (making ingenious use of translucent paper, slipcase jacket, white paper covers, and white stitching at spine, with two plastic toggle fasteners). Perfect condition and publisher sealed.  ISBN:1556708585. Dated: 1998


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