Oribe Flat Bowl

Oribe ware was stylized by a famous tea master Furuta Oribe, a pupil of Sen Rikyu, under whose guidance it was first produced. This is a two (2) bowl set incorporating the standard copper-green and cream glazing with a textile-like pattern. Excellent condition. Signature/Impressed Stamp on the bottom of each piece. Dimensions:  9½” Dia (with handles) x 11/4” (24.1cm x 3.2cm)

Additional Information —
Oribe ware (Oribe-yaki) is a classic style of pottery developed by the tea master Furata Oribe, (1544-1615), in the 16th century. Most of it is made in Seto province at the Mino kilns. Oribe ware is one of the most startling and innovative expressions, of Japanese ceramics in existence, not only of this period but of all periods. Oribe ware has a very earthy feel with its layering of naturally occurring colors. The rich, olive-green, copper glaze is the most recognizable. Its highly abstracted motifs are drawn from the rice farms, bird forms, fishing nets, and various fabric motifs, among other geometric forms.

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