Set of Five Japanese Echizen-nuri forks | Temenuri finish | New

The Japanese people have some very interesting eating utensils, and one such implement is the lacquered wood fork used for eating sweets. These eating forks are specifically fashioned by hand and made to both cut, and pierce what is to be eaten.

The wood base can be chestnut, birch, (mizume), or zelkova. As based in the name, the wood, after it has been fashioned to perform its specific function, is coated with a finishing of hana-nuri. This is a lacquer, which does not show any brush marks, or blemishes when dried naturally. Approximately fifteen coats of lacquer are applied to gain a depth of color and gloss as shown in this set. The set is in perfect, unused, new condition. Dimensions: 5-0”long.

Additional Information—

Lacquerware has always been a collaborative effort, as each specialist craftsman must grapple with the specific difficulties posed by his or her own craft, e.g., carving, lacquering, or ornamentation, when their specialty is required in the process. The core woodworker must deal with the tendencies of wood to warp or twist, and also must take advantage of unique wood qualities inherent in each piece of timber. This is why we find some beautiful shapes of Echizen lacquer ware which was founded in the sixth century with the uniqueness of the wood supporting its function. The omanju (sweets) are for visualization purposes.

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