Snow Coat Kokeshi | Sosaku | Shido Shouzan

The Sosaku style Kokeshi dolls literally means “Creative Creations” and they are a type of wooden doll that is turning on a lathe. Sosaku craftsman express a certain theme through the creation of their dolls.

This wonderful, large Kokeshi is entitled “Yukin-ko” (young girl) who is wearing a snow coat in natural, textured wood, with her expressive face, and red muffler, which along with the beautifully carved coat, is the focal point of this piece. The snow coat is attached to the doll on the back with a dowl to keep the coat/hood in place. The doll is signed Shouzan on the back. Being a vintage piece (1960’s), the doll is in beautiful condition. Dimensions: 11-1/2”h x 3-3/4”w.

Additional Information—
Shouzan was born in 1932 in Ohita Prefecture of Japan; he had received the most prestigious highly coveted Prime Minister Award in 1962.

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