Sosaku Kokeshi by Takeda, Norio | Aki Kaze | Signed

Descriptive Qualities—
We find many interpretations of the seasons, and this particular piece depicts autumn. The maple leaves are called ‘kouyou’ or ‘momiji’ in Japanese. Their beauty has been expressed in poems, songs, and on decorative objects, and is beautifully incorporated into the design of this doll. With the exception of her face, the majority of the wood is painted in variations of the color red with a traditional headdress and top notch. Condition: Wonderful condition with no fading on any detail, and stamped and signed by the artist. Dimension: 11-0”h.

One Response to “Sosaku Kokeshi by Takeda, Norio | Aki Kaze | Signed”

  1. Kathy 13 July 2015 at 12:44 am #

    As always, a carefully packed order arrived this morning. This Sosaku Kokeshi – Takeda, Nori Aki Kaze is a great doll. Her large attractive head and maple leaf pattern, along with the vibrant colour make this doll very intriguing. Another copy of your new book that I have ordered for my friend will be a great Christmas Present for him. Much appreciated. I have also enjoyed furthering my knowledge of Japanese Antiques and Collectibles through your website. The tour of Japan and the stunning images are marvellous. Looking forward to my next adventure with Mingei Arts.

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