Sosake Kokeshi by Miyashita, Hajime | Oshin | Baby Sitter

Descriptive Qualities:
Issues Japanese families faced in the early 20th century regarding parent-child relationships were lessened with the hiring of the baby-sitter, ‘Oshin’. Always depicted with a baby wrapped tightly to her body or tucked into a carrier, the baby sitter was a trusted and essential part of the Japanese family. The role of the Oshin was particularly important to the rural families who daily worked the fields, and needed assurance that each child’s needs would be addressed. Oshin were daughters of common people who had to obtain jobs during hard times. Dimensions: 9-1/4”h. Condition: Signed and in Beautiful condition.

Additional Information —
Born in 1940 in Yonezawa City, Iwate, Miyashita-san studied traditional kokeshi making under Yamagata-Sakunami Master artist Kobayashi Kichitaro. He began his Sosaku career in 1959, winning many awards, including the Prime Minister’s Award in 1977. His dolls were purchased by the Crown Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako in 1969. His studio was located in Maebashi City of Gunma Prefecture, but after it burned down in 2006, Miyashita-san retired.

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