Sosaku Kokeshi by Katase, Kahei | Mizumo Spring

Descriptive Qualities:
This Kokeshi won awards in the National Japanese Kokeshi Competition. This is a slender doll with hand painted seasonal flowers, over the background striping, (Rokuro Moyo), incorporated in the Kimono design. Dimensions: 5-14″h. Condition: Excellent and signed.

Additional Information —
Katase, Kahei (1922-2015) was born in the town of Hakone, in a region known for its beautiful wooden marquetry crafts, Katase-san, the son of a Kijishi, (woodworker), won the first Prime Minister’s Award in 1954 at the ‘All Nippon Kokeshi Competition’. Along with many of his fellow Sosaku artists, Katase-san was a soldier, and perhaps turned to creative Kokeshi-making to assuage the rigors of a long-fought war.

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