Sosaku Kokeshi by Kishi, Sadao | Kiku

Descriptive Qualities:
This beautifully painted doll has a Kimono that speaks of the importance of floral motifs in Japanese society. The chrysanthemum is rendered in gradated brown and gold. Because of the wood employed and the staining of the base wood, the reflective painting radiates warmth throughout the piece. Dimensions: 10-3/4″h. Condition: Excellent, signed by Kishi, with beautiful aging. This Kokeshi was published in Sosaku Kokeshi: A New Look At An Old Tradition.

Additional Information —
Kishi, (1932-1998), was born in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Kishi- san produced hundreds of Creative Kokeshi dolls until his passing. During his career, he received numerous awards, winning the Prime Minister’s Award and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award (METI). He is credited with being one of the major influences of the ‘Sosaku Kokeshi Movement’, gaining recognition for the dolls as a popular and valid art form.

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