Sosaku Kokeshi by Kiyohara, Takao | Happiness

Descriptive Qualities —
Kiyohara’s dolls reflect many characteristics of the traditional school, as is seen in his limited color palette and consistency of horizontal line work, (Rokuro Moyo). These straight lines are the same thickness, and are separated by gaps of the same width. The artist’s designs, facial features, and hair treatment, are definitely in the creative vein of Kokeshi design, yet pulling from the historical, traditional past. Both this doll and the previous doll closely resemble traditional Tougatta forms. Dimensions: 12-0”h. Condition: Beautiful excellent work, minimal signs of aging. The piece is signed by Kiyohara.

Additional Information —
Kiyohara-san is one of the most popular and prolific of the creative Kokshi artists. He was considered a transitional artist, due to the fact that many of his dolls resemble traditional Tougatta or Yamagata dolls. His dolls are artistically and minimally decorated. There is no information on Takao in either Creative or Traditional books.

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