Sosaku Kokeshi by Kiyohara, Takao | Plum Blossom

Descriptive Qualities:
So many artists are enthralled with the Plum, (Ume), which is sometimes referred to as the Japanese apricot. Here we see an abstract representation of the fruit in the foreground, and the red blossoms in the background. Again we see the artist’s traditional face and red bow on the top of her head. Dimension: 15-0”h. Condition is excellent with beautiful color retention. Doll published in Sosaku Kokeshi: A New Look At An Old Tradition. The piece is signed by Kiyohara.

Additional Information —
Kiyohara-san is one of the most popular and prolific of the creative Kokshi artists. He was considered a transitional artist, due to the fact that many of his dolls resemble traditional Tougatta or Yamagata dolls. His dolls are artistically and minimally decorated. There is no information on Takao in either Creative or Traditional books.

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