Sosaku Kokeshi by Miyajima, Muhitsu | Hanagokoro

Descriptive Qualities—
This beautiful, delicate doll emphasizes a traditional hair design, (taregami) and cascading Spring flowers, (Haru), painted on the body. Miyajima-sans distinctive hairstyle makes his dolls very unique among kokeshi. Condition: Nice patina and aging with clearly defined flora. Dimension: 8-1/4”h.

Additional Information —
Miyajima-san was born in 1929 in Yonezawa City of Yamagata Prefecture, Japan home of many Traditional Kokeshi makers. Miyajima-san began his career under the tutelage of Master Yamagata craftsman Kobayashi Kichitaro in the mid-to late 40s, and then switched to Sosaku doll-making in the 1950s. His dolls have had a great influence on Creative, (Sosaku), doll makers since then. Miyajima-san works in a variety of beautiful woods, but seems to prefer the heavy, dark colored Enju wood, (Japanese Pagoda tree), for it’s rich colors and interesting grain. A multiple award winner, Miyajima-san won the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award in 1973.

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