Sosaku Kokeshi by Okamoto, Usaburo | Kaede

Descriptive Qualities—
The lathe-turning and ribbing of the natural wood give a depth and textural quality to this Kokeshi. Autumn is represented by multi-colored falling leaves, and signals the coming of winter. Condition: Excellent as originally produced with artist seal. Dimension: 14-0”h

Additional Information—
Usaburo was the patriarch of the most prolific family of Creative Kokeshi doll manufacturing. Okamoto-san, (1917-2009), began creating Sosaku dolls in 1950. Winner of many awards, including the Prime Mininster’s Award, his early dolls were mostly hand-carved/painted on the wheel, and there are fewer of those extant. In his later years, however, he began mass-producing a souvenir style doll (Kindai). He established a museum in Gunma, which his sons and daughters, and extended family now maintain. Usaburo Okamoto died at the age of 91.

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