Sosaku Kokeshi by Sekiguchi, Toa | Plum Fragrance

Descriptive Qualities —
Beautifully colored plum flowers adorn the Kimono on this doll. The emphasis is not only on the natural wood, but the fact that the designed elements are carved and painted, giving great texture to this doll. Dimension: 13-0”h. Condition: Original protected condition, good carving, drawing and coloration. The piece is signed by Sekiguchi.

Additional Information—
Son of Sansaku, Toa was born in 1942 in Shibukawa City, Gunma-ken, and still lives and works there with his family, all of whom create Sosaku Kokeshi. Winner of many awards, he received the Ministry of International Trade Industry Award in 1978. Since then he has won the Prime Minister’s Award, along with other respected commendations.

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