Sosaku Kokeshi by Yusa, Fukuju | Shin-Setsu

Descriptive Qualities—
A vintage Kokeshi simply defined in two separate sections of two contrasting woods, this figure is minimally rendered with a few ink brush strokes defining the face. The wood color and grain give definition to the Haori. The use of Chatter work adds texture to the base. Condition: Exceptionally well maintained with strong drawing of the face. Dimension: 10-0”h

Additional Information—
Born in 1930 in Miyagi Prefecture to a very prominent family of Traditional Narugo Kokeshi artists, Yusa-san had a hard time separating himself from the dolls his family produced. While he apprenticed under Master/Sensei Takashashi Sakari of Narugo Spa, Miyagi, he began creating Sosaku dolls in the late 1950. In breaking family tradition, he created award- winning dolls, including the Prime Minister’s Award in 1960, at the age of 30.

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