Sosaku Kokeshi by Yamanaka, Sanpei | Hanako | Signed

Descriptive Qualities —
As with many Kokeshi, flowers are an important and central theme. Sometimes quite detailed and realistic, and other times abstracted, as illustrated in this model. In Japan, women of the Heian period preferred long unbound hair, (taregami), which is recalled by many artists and used as a predominant theme. Condition:Original, no dings or imperfections, with artist stamp. Dimension: 6-1/4”h.

Additional Information —
Born in 1926 in Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, Yamanaka-san began his art career as a photographer, after majoring in chemistry. However, rather than develop a career in Traditional Yamagata doll making, Yamanaka-san used his art background to join the Sosaku Kokeshi movement. A multiple award winner, he won the Ministry of Education Award at the all Nippon Modern Kokeshi Exhibition in 1979.

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