Stingray and Octopus Woven Bronze Basket

The Japanese have always enjoyed combining sculptural and functional forms with unusual and unexpected materials to produce visually and physically creative works of art. Much of the bronze process has remained unchanged throughout time—certainly, the essential interaction of the alloy and the manipulation of metals and the deep emotional connection of artist to the alchemy of bronze endures. The use of bronze throughout Asia became more ubiquitous-people began cooking in bronze pots, wearing bronze jewelry and artistic works, weaving bronze into various artistic and functional elements were valued, along with the making of religious objects.

This piece is in wonderful, excellent condition, with an elegant stingray and octopus engraved on the bottom of the basket, and signed by the artist. This oval bronze basket is thought to be from the Meiji period (1868-1912), based on the age of the kanji next to the two animal forms. It is fully intact with no breaks in the metal wire. There is also an interesting color variation of the metal on the bottom simulating water and the seashore. Dimensions: 6-0”L x 4 ¾”w 1½”h.

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