Superb Vintage Chinese Black Cloisonne Hinged and footed Rectangular Box | 19th Century

Description — Shown is a Chinese Black cloisonne’ hinged box with ball feet with intricate coiled fish scale pattern with Chinese symbol of Happiness on the lid. The piece is fully lined with cherry wood with a vaulted top. Fully trimmed in Brass to not only produce the intricate pattern but to edge the box. The bottom of the piece is in turquoise. Excellent condition. Dimensions:  2-1/2″h x 5-1/4″w x 3-5/8”d.

Additional Information —

Cloisonné is the technique of creating designs on metal vessels with colored-glass paste placed within enclosures made of copper or bronze wires, which have been bent or hammered into the desired pattern. Known as cloisons (French for “partitions”), the enclosures generally are either pasted or soldered onto the metal body. The glass paste, or enamel, is colored with metallic oxide and painted into the contained areas of the design. Enamels commonly shrink after firing, and the process is repeated several times to fill in the designs. Once this process is complete, the surface of the vessel is rubbed until the edges of the cloisons are visible. They are then finished with brass or gilding, often on the edges, in the interior, and on the base or feet.

Cloisonné objects were intended primarily for the furnishing of temples and palaces, because their intricate designs was considered appropriate to the function of these structures and well suited to a more restrained atmosphere, such as that of a scholar’s home and typically perched on a scholar’s desk to hold small items.

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