Vintage Chinese Bronze Three Legged Toad | Chan Chu Brush Washer | 19th Century

Few symbols embody Feng Shui the way the three-legged toad does. And whether you call this little amphibian a wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, or three-legged prosperity toad doesn’t matter. What matters is that you display this delightful creature wherever you want wealth to find you.

The toad shown in the images to the left represents a brush washer in the form of a three-legged toad. This Chan Chu has a wonderful facial expression with eyes looking ahead to protect, and turning bad financial situations into good lucky events. Weight: 1lb. Dimensions: 4-3/4”L x 2-3/4” w x 2-1/4”h.

Additional Information—

The wealth toad represents good news about money and has a celestial connection. Like many symbols in Chinese lore, the money frog came from a legend about a frog named CHAN CHU. The story begins with the wife of one of the eight immortals. When she drank the elixir, it turned her into an ugly toad and she was banished to live on the moon. She is considered the ultimate feminine force and is said to swallow the moon during an eclipse. Compassionate gods allowed her to keep the tail of a tadpole, or third leg, versus two legs of a fully developed toad.

Based on Asian lore, some say a full moon brings the toads out and that when they appear, good news about money follows shortly thereafter.

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