Vintage Elegant Kokeshi Pair in Kimono | Tomegoro Hosaka | 1962

The pair of Kokeshi pictured are decorated with rhythmical irregular stripes with beautifully detailed obi emphasizing the charm of this contemporary pair. The artist is Tomegoro with the artists name and onsen imprinted to the back of each piece. These were purchased in 1962 at the Hakkeien hotel at the Nagaoka Hot Spring where his pieces were sold. Each show a modern approach to the design of the kimono since at the time of their making Japan was moving from a traditional approach to life to a contemporary aesthetic. They are in very good condition with the only slight loss of the wax on the hair of each piece. The faces and bodies are in excellent condition with beautiful, non-faded detailing and coloration. Dimensions: 5-3/4″h.

Along with the kokeshi are detail images of the kimono, the back showing the obi detail and signature, and the artist as seen in the book entitled: Kokeshi Yearbook – 1960.

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