Vintage Kokeshi | Japanese Sosaku Kannon by Horendo of Tokyo

This is a Buddhist image of “Kannon Bosatsu” in the form of a Kokeshi doll, with a detachable base with a small hollow, allowing for the insertion of a small tightly rolled paper Sutra (charm), originally created by Kato Kuen, a well respected Priest of Kannonji Temple on Koya-san Mountain. This Kokeshi-styled Buddhist doll has been recreated by the artist Horendo, and dates from approximately 1960. In Japan, no other image of Buddha is worshipped as widely as Kannon, and appears as both male and female incarnations. ”Kannon”, (Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva) is known as “He who perceives the sounds of the world”, as he/she grants salvation to the suffering and ill. Condition: Excellent.
Dimensions: 14”tall

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