Vintage Kokeshi | Japanese Sosaku “Snow Coat” by Shido Shouzan

Shido Shozan was born in 1932 and raised in Oita prefecture where he started to create Kokeshi in 1957, and begun to distinguish himself as a Creative Kokeshi artist when he was 30 years old. Shortly after 1960, and for a series of years, his creative works were recognized with numerous awards like the prime minister prize.
 Shouzan always was caught between the traditional guidelines of kokeshi making and his creative, contemporary mind.

Creative Kokeshi (Sosaku) do not follow the traditional designs originating from the Tohoku region and instead have an unstructured inspiration that is completely free in terms of shape, carving and motif. Unlike traditional Kokeshi, they do not display any of their distinctive family motifs and coloration. There are many different images of Kokeshi, but all are based on one philosophy that all Japanese Kokeshi doll artists share, and that is the pursuit of beauty and artistry through simplicity.

This is a famous vintage model from 1960′s in the Japanese Sosaku Creative Kokeshi tradition, referred to as “Winter Girl” with her little head and red nose popping out of her high collared coat. This is a fine example of the “snow coat” type having wonderful textural groove carving and chattering throughout the body of the piece. There is a natural knot on the back bottom rim of the body otherwise in excellent vintage condition for its age. The piece is hand signed (not an impressed seal) by Shouzanon the bottom of the piece. Dimensions: 6-1/2”h x 3-1/4”dia.

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