Vintage Sosaku Kokeshi by Sato, Suigai | One-Sided Wave | Signed by the Artist | 1970

Description: The title of this lathe-turned sosaku kokeshi is “Katao-Nami or translated as, “One-Sided Wave”. This “rare” doll is a famous award winning Kokeshi, produced in 1970. What is unique to this doll is the incorporation of a traditional hairstyle, and the tight, uncolored wood obi on a subtile claret-red Kimono. The closing or edge of the kimono is delicately indicated with shallow inscribing, with the wave motif in silver & gold which follows the lines of the kimono closure. The incised signature of the artist who made and produced his own original pieces, is on the bottom of the piece. Dimension: 13-1/4”h.

Additional Information —

Sato-san, also known as Sadahachi, was born in Okubo, Yoshioka Village, Gunma Prefecture in 1920, to a family who owned a silk trading business. At the age of 18, he began his professional career as a painter under famous artist Komuro, Suiun, before pursuing a career in creative Kokeshi making in 1948. Sato-san also pursued careers in fashion design, engineering, and mechanics. His Kokeshi dolls have won many awards, including the Prime Minister’s Award in 1966-1970. Sato-san’s artistry has been recognized by Japan’s Imperial Family, Crown Prince Akihito, (Now Emperor Akihito), the Minister of Economy and Trade, and the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. Additional dolls by Sato, Suigai are published in Sosaku Kokeshi: A New Look At An Old Traditiion, 2015, (ISBN: 978-1-4951-4155-3), and found on pages 89-97.

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