Vintage Spoon Set Depicting Famous Landmark Scenes of Japanese | Toshikane | Showa 1926-1989

This is a stunning spoon set of Iconic Landmarks depicted on the top of each silver spoon exquisitely detailed, with hand enameled and glazed porcelain cameo insets over sterling silver, (950), panels. Pieces of this type are extremely rare and collectible, particularly when detailed as this piece is representing fine artwork and fabrication. Each stamped, SILVER TOSHIKANE JAPAN”, on the back of each cameo, are in excellent vintage physical condition. Dimensions: 4-3/4”long.

Additional Information —

Toshikane was a Japanese company from Arita, Japan, that fabricated porcelain and silver jewelry, dating back to the early 1940’s. Each Toshikane design has a distinctly Japanese look and feel, incorporating iconic elements such as the Seven Lucky Gods, Noh masks, famous landmarks, and exotic bird and flower designs into their creations. Usually set in silver, (950), the porcelain pieces are intricately enameled in a variety of vibrant colors. Because they are no longer fabricated, Toshikane pieces are now a rare find and are highly collectible. This piece demonstrates the highest skill in ceramic art in Japan.

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