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  • I have several items from Robert & Michael’s collection now and they all hold a special place in my home and warm my heart when I see them. Something about the art from Japan just makes me feel at peace and also comforted. Shopping through the items in this store is like treasure hunting, without the hunting.


  • Hi Robert,
    You sure did make my day!!! I received the book and have been immersed in it. Thank you again! When I got the book out of the envelope, I turned the book to the back side and opened it up and let it open to where ever it wanted, and it opened to my ALL TIME favorite artist, Sanpei Yamanaka. Talk about serendipity. I loved that you have several of his kokeshi in the book. I know this is weird, but since I was little, when I get a new book, I go to the back and open it to quickly look through it. But to have it open to Sanpei Yamanaka, … it was great. Thank you so much for such a generous thing you have done in creating the book, and I truly appreciate it.
    Mary Beth

    Mary Beth

  • Hey Robert.
    Got the vase over the weekend. Really beautiful. Somehow this medium really speaks to me, at least the objects where most everything is in different shades of brown. Very appealing. Yes, too bad I missed out on the ginger jars you had for sale. Ah well, it’s all OK in the universe. And what clever use of materials for safe packing!


  • Robert,
    Thank you for your attention and guidance to a new mingei collector. Both your publication and mingei are outstanding, your packing is perfect and shipping prompt.



  • Robert
    Oh my goodness! She has arrived and she is divine!
    She was beautifully packed and arrived safe and sound. She is so gorgeous and I thank you so much for all that you have done along the way. You provide such a professional yet also personable business and it was a delight dealing with you.
    Thank you for bringing such gorgeous items to our attention – these Kokeshis are ‘works of art’ and we are lucky to be able to purchase them and bring them into our lives and homes.
    I had to send you a photo of her with her new family and I have to say, as you predicted, she fits in beautifully.
    I shall keep an eye on your website for further ‘treasures’.
    The lucky owner of ‘Pigtails’ by Ishihara, Hideo


  • Hi Michael and Robert!

    I hope that you guys are well! big hug to you both.


    Martha Lynn

  • Your logo is AMAZING! It’s lyrical, charming and so very familiar! Even the wee sip of sake is peeking out! It’s simply the best!


  • I received your delightful Kokeshi book, and I am very grateful to have discovered this beautiful publication. I love the artistic publishing format and the washi paper. The photographs are singular elegant portraits. It is wonderful you have included the calligraphy kanji signature of the craftsman, as important as the beautiful painted dolls. Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan is a reference that gives provenance to my small treasured collection and a guide in my search for more. Exciting to also discover a few of mine already in your book. Many thanks again for gifting this special kokeshi edition and I hope to continue to share the joy.


  • Hi, Mingeiarts! Just want to say MAHALO — love my new jewelry box!! Yes, you read that right: I wanted this tobacco box to hold my modest collection of jewelry! I tend to march to the beat of a different drummer most of the time, and I often repurpose items. When I saw this lovely Japanese box you were selling, I thought “bingo!” — perfect!! So, many thanks… and I hope to occasionally purchase an item now and then now that I know about you! Kristi  


  • We are not passionate collectors of Kokeshi; we are collectors with some passion. We are not long-time collectors of these wooden dolls; we are collectors who hope to be collecting for some time and when finished, hope to pass on this love to our granddaughters. Actually, we started collecting Kokeshi only a short time ago with the expert guidance of Michael and Robert. Beginning with a goal of three or four dolls for each of our granddaughters, we almost immediately changed our goal after we purchased the first one and fell irresistibly in love with this Japanese folk art. We have amassed a small collection that we display proudly. In spite of our limited background and only a little research to support our evaluation, Sosaku Kokeshi: A New Look at an Old Tradition is a magnificent work on the subject of these wooden dolls which make up a segment of the folk arts of Japan. The detailed background materials on the artists and the notes on the dolls can be an invaluable part of one’s collection. The marvelous photography is an excellent complement to the text, as we re-viewed the images many times, envying the owner of each doll. In summary, collectors of Kokeshi who wish to expand their knowledge on this subject would do well to add Sosaku Kokeshi as well as its predecessor, Kokeshi: Wooden Treasures of Japan, both rare on this subject, to their collection of dolls.