Vintage Miyajima, Muhitsu Sosaku Kokeshi Entitled: Autumn Wind, (Aki no kaze)


Dimension: 9-1/2”h

The abstract and simple form is the standard theme to Miyajima-san’s creations. The wood is most critical in his interpretation of the color of the seasons, and often incorporates a stylized interpretation of the snow coat called ‘Mino”, adding to the depth and character of the piece. He typically incorporates sumi-e’ brush work into his representation of faces, and unevenly carved grooving giving ornamentation and texture to the figure, as well an expressive tilted head. Miyajima-san works in a variety of beautiful woods their rich colors and interesting grain. The most unusual aspect of this doll is her distinctive 'Mie' pose, and the top bulbous vermillion lacquered section of the upper body formed as if her arms and hands are hidden beneath the garment. Her hair is topped with a topknot simply defined by the carving. His stamp is on the bottom of the doll.

Condition: Excellent, original condition showing all the natural characteristics of the wood.